Yoga Studio in Greenville SC - Class Descriptions

Yoga Studio – Class Descriptions


Ashtanga – This class is a physical form of yoga which synchronizes breath and movement through a precise sequence of postures called the primary series. The intention of the practice is to cleanse, stretch and strengthen the body, as well as focus and calm the mind. These are challenging classes to both body and mind. Be prepared to sweat!

Flow – All flow classes are designed to synchronize the breath with a progressive sequence of poses in a flow format (one pose fluidly leads to another). This process builds internal heat that purifies and detoxifies muscles and organs; this also promotes balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation. The result is improved circulation, strong body and mind. Refresh your mind and discover innovative ways of meeting the challenges of your life. This class is for all levels.

Warm Flow – A heated flow yoga class. The room is heated to 80+ degrees.

Therapeutic Flow – This class helps to restore and renew your body. It is a hatha based yoga class that is open to all levels. We will move gently through postures to give your mind and body some yoga therapy!

Beginner Flow – This class is great for anyone! Its emphasis is on postural foundation and alignment of the body. A perfect class for the novice, the pregnant mom, and anyone who would like a beginning approach to yoga.

Are you a beginner?  We encourage any level to take our classes.  All students will learn and grow at their own pace.