Yoga Studio – Class Descriptions

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Ashtanga Primary
This is the full “primary” series of Ashtanga yoga.  This is the foundation.  It is a set sequence of postures that will challenge you, make you sweat, and detoxify you! The postures link breath with movement and allow you to flow from posture to posture.  This combination creates heat, endurance, and strength, and thereby rids the body of toxins.  It also increase flexibility and creates vibrant physical, mental, and emotional wellness. (1 Hour 30 Minutes) (Intermediate to Advanced).

Ashtanga Flow
This yoga class uses the Ashtanga Yoga Method but mixes up the sequence and poses for a fun and challenging flow class.  It will promote strength, flexibility, detoxification, and creates sense of peace within. (Beginner to Advanced).

Ashtanga Basics
This yoga class is for beginners to Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga. Here, we slow it down and show you how to align your body and do the postures safe and effectively.  Any level can benefit from this. (Beginner to Advanced).

Intro to Mysore –

This class is a powerful practice that will take you to a whole new level in your yoga journey.  Students practice at their own pace and level of ability.

Therapeutic Flow  –
This class helps to restore and renew your body.  Move with your breath and flow with depth and intention. This combines from the many traditions of vinyasa flow, yin yoga, and yoga therapy – to bring you a healing, multidimensional flow class.   This class is for all levels (Beginner to Advanced).

Vinyasa Flow -

This is a fun and rejuvenating class that will leave you feeling stress free, flexible, and strong! These classes involve poses are linked together and synced with the breath.  This class is for all levels (Beginner to Advanced).

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow –

An alignment and breath centered Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa flow, often thematic in nature, with the sequence designed to work towards a peak posture.  This mindful flow will move at a steady pace, while still allowing you to refine and settle in to the postures, using your breath to create space, and release tension in the body and mind. Do expect opportunities to explore advanced arm balances and inversions with guidance and instruction.  This class is challenging, playful, creative, reflective, and fun.  It is a great opportunity to advance in your practice and also a wonderful compliment to the Ashtanga series for those looking to switch it up.


Are you a beginner?  We encourage any level to take our classes.  All students will learn and grow at their own pace.